This is what our customers say about Sail Nelson:

Expectations exceeded! Highly knowledgeable instructor & the course was the ideal experience to get a taste of the sailing lifestyle. Highly recommended

Terry, Switzerland: Competent Crew Feb 2016

Fantastic course. Highly recommended for anyone contemplating keel boat sailing or ownership. Dave is a perfect tutor, mixing patience with calm throughout and revealing the simplicity in every aspect.

Malcolm, New Zealand: Day Skipper Feb 2016

What an epic week that turned out to be. Fantastic. I have been left with a very high regard for Dave, the Farr 1020 and your organisation. Thank you.

Ian, UK : Coastal Skipper Feb 2016

Had a lot of fun and really felt like skills and confidence improved over the week. Dave is hugely knowledgeable and calm under pressure – an inspirational teacher. And a mean cook!

Malcolm, New Zealand: Day Skipper Feb 2016

Again, everything was perfect in this 2nd course I took at the Sail Nelson school.

Raoul, Switzerland: Day Skipper Feb 2016


…Many thanks to David for his great instruction & excellent teaching & to Chris for his help with our pre-course questions. Meals, particularly dinner were great…

Caitlin, USA: Competent Crew Feb 2016


…a safe learning environment, practical experience gained was wonderful & there was much time for practice and repetition to practice all the skills, leaving me wanting to sail more and learn more.

Lawrence, USA: Competent Crew Feb 2016


Really thorough and well taught course which will give me all the tools to sail better & safer. Couldn’t have asked for better.

Chris, UK: Day Skipper Feb 2016


Good booking process, easy communication, good equipment on board, would recommend, lovely boat… this has really built my skill base…

Polly, UK: Day Skipper Jan 2016


Everything was spot on. Dave could not have been a better instructor. He was constantly teaching and sharing knowledge. Can not get across just how helpful Dave was.

Jalen, Canada: Day Skipper Jan 2016


Had a great time this week sailing in some stunning locations…. Dave has excellent teaching methods and made the whole week a fun experience.

Charlie, UK: Competent Crew Jan 2016


Awesome!! First time sailing, loved it! Chris was awesome. Learnt heaps!! He made everything easy to understand. Brilliant!! Awesome 5 days! Good food! Good company!

Jade, New Zealand: Competent Crew Nov 2015


Gave myself a better knowledge of sailing… very good… very patient, great experience of sailing the worlds oceans, great teacher. I feel the course covered everything I needed to make me a better sailor.

Ashley, New Zealand: Competent Crew Nov 2015


A very good week, great sailing, beautiful area. The instruction was excellent, I have learnt a lot through the course and greatly enjoyed it.

Chris, UK: Day Skipper Nov 2015